Choosing Your Photos for Pet Portraits and other Commissions

I like to work from a number of good quality photos of your pet, if available. A variety gives me different perspectives, and the best pose to use, when deciding on the finished piece. It is so important to have good quality photos, that include the character features and markings, a favourite place they like to be, or with a favourite toy. Digital cameras photos are the best quality, but understand if mobile or tablet photos.

Photo Requirements

Photographing your pet

Making sure your pet is comfortable with having photographs is important. Sometimes a distraction from another person can help, maybe with a treat.

Detailed and close up shots are always useful in addition to any favourite pose that you would prefer. It is nice to be able to add particular markings or features of your pet, that you would like to see on the finished piece. The better the detail in a lighter environment, the better the results. Choosing a time when your pet is most relaxed, will give better results. Outside shots, on a walk, running, or playing/lying with a favourite toy can be a nice time to take photos. Being down at the dogs eye level is useful for detailed shots.

I am often asked to paint portraits of pets that have sadly passed away, and often clients will have a limited amount of photographs. I am happy to work from any photos you may have, and will try to get the best results that I can from them. In this case it may not be possible to paint larger more detailed portraits, if the detail is limited, therefore a smaller pencil or pastel sketch may be better. I am happy to advise.